Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter Weekend!!

Happy Easter!! 

I wanted to show off these sweet little hair bows I made for my sweet little ones
for Easter to match their dresses. There are not
really any shops in my area that sell hair bows like these, and I didn't
have enough time to order some online,
I thought I'd try my hand at making them. They are so expensive to buy, but
soooo easy to make, I cant believe I haven't made them before now!!
from a great tutorial I found online
I am resisting the urge to attach a cute little cupcake charm to the middle of
the bows since these are for Easter. However, I am thinking of crafting up some
other hair bows that I can decorate with my charms and adding them to my etsy
shop, but who knows! 

other news I did make some Carrot Cake  Cupcake Charms in honor of Easter!
Who could resist these cute little spicy delicacies? The bases of these cupcakes
are a bit different than my normal cupcakes, they are textured and look more
like "real" cupcakes. I have been experimenting with different styles
lately. I am more fond of the more whimsical side instead of more realistic, but
I do like the way these bases look.  They will be going into my etsy shop
soon, when I can get a better picture of them. It is overcast and storming here
today, so this is the best shot I could get!!

I do
hope everyone has a great Easter!! Have a great weekend!!

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